eGo-T Starter KitHow Do They Work

Modern technology and precision electronics now provide the most realistic smoking experience ever. You no longer have to deal with 2nd hand smoke, ashes or cigarette butts. We'll look at some of the best electronic cigarette reviews and comparisons.
But first, a little research.

First, they work by heating and atomizing a propylene glycol/nicotine mixture to produce their vapor. The
 liquid for an e-cig is known as e-liquid or e-juice. The e-liquid is vaporized by a small heating element within the unit known as an atomizer. One of the benefits of e-cigarettes is that they are refillable so you don't throw them out after use you simply refill them. E-liquid is sold in pre-filled cartridges and various size bottles from 10ml to 1000ml and is available in various nicotine strengths. When your e-cig cartridge runs dry, you simply add more nicotine liquid. You also have the option of replacing your empty cartridge with a new full cartridge. Replacing the cartridge is easier and less messy than refilling a cartridge but is slightly more expensive than refilling. Whether to refill or replace a cartridge is totally a matter of personal preference.

Where To Buy

E-cig vendors are literally everywhere. Online, grocery stores and gas stations are just a few of the many places you'll find them are available. The problem is that a large number of these sellers are just out to make a quick buck and they don't know really know anything about them or how they work. They buy the cheapest brand they can find and sell them for as much as they can. These knock-offs are poor quality and will likely last only a few days to weeks. Another thing to be careful of are the online sellers who trick you into trying their "Free E-Cig". In this scam, they sign you up for auto delivery of cartridges or liquid and charge your credit card monthly at prices much higher than you would normally pay. So if you wondering which e cigarette is the best, make sure and research the seller and their brand before you buy. See our Preferred Vendors

Health Benefits Of Quitting Cigarettes

We all know the dangers of smoking. Lung and heart disease are just the beginning. Studies have shown the tar in cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 toxins known to cause cancer and damage every major organ of the body. The truly diabolical nature of tobacco is that the addictive nicotine does not cause any long-term health effects. It is rather all the additives in the cigarette that are toxic and carcinogenic.

eGo-c Starter KitHealth Improvements After Quitting:

1 Day

Carbon monoxide level of your blood returns to normal

2 Weeks

Lung capacity and circulation are improved 85%

1 Month

Normal lung function is resumed. Shortness of breath, coughing and risk of infection decrease by 90%

1 Year

Risk of heart disease decreased by 70%

5 Years

Risk of stroke are the same as a non-smoker

10 Years

Your lung cancer rate has decreased 60% along with a decrease in esophageal, throat and mouth cancer

Use Them Almost Anywhere

OK, so how about being able to use your electric cigarette ANYWHERE! No longer are bars, restaurants, airplanes and shopping malls a "No Smoking" zone. You can get use your e-cigarette anytime because it produces no smoke. NONE! Barely noticeable is the small amount of water vapor released that immediately disappears. There is no odor or second hand smoke. And best of all, it looks, feels and smokes like a real cigarette. As they become more popular, laws will change so make sure it is ok before you start vaping. Always read the most current reviews.